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People Are Their Situation – Streetphotography in Europe


Book with black and white streetphotographs from cities all around Europe.

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by Monika Martinez De Las Rivas and Jacob Woyton

Book with black and white photographs.

This collective project was originated during the year 2015. We travelled together to the different locations in Spain, Germany, France and England to document the european city life.

Pages: 100

Language: Englisch.


Introduction Text:

Javier Reverte, writer, traveller and Spanish journalist, says „The adventure of traveling, is to be able to experience the everyday life of other people in places far away from your home as an extraordinary event“ and I could not agree more.

I am a photographer because I have travelled. I did that a lot in several periods of my life, especially, when I was studying architecture. Trips to mainly urban destinations throughout Europe, allowed me to get to know the works of art in real that I had studied before in books and magazines. I learned observing how the people of these cities in their clothing, with their habits and the characteristic weather of each place perceive the works of art that surround them.

Generally, one travels with an open, innocent and curious mind. It does not really matter if one has studied deeply a building or a work of art before, the real object always catches your attention in an unexpected, profound way. Something similar happens with the everyday reality of any of these cities I visited like London, Paris, Barcelona or Berlin. You can thoroughly understand the daily rhythm of your surroundings, but it still catches your attention completely.

And if we manage to have this look through the lens of a camera we will be able to develop a new capability of expression, improved little by little, from trip to trip. This naked gaze of the travelling photographer, is able to convert the everyday life into something extraordinary, as Reverte said. It is made possible thanks to the sleepy gaze of daily routine of the photographed being. When the journey is over and you regard these photos from the warmth of your home, you realize that these pictures have been impregnated by day to day life, and that the imaginations you gathered live on in your memories.

I can observe in the following series of photographs developed in several European cities like Avila, Berlin, Paris, etc, how this joint work of Monika Martínez de las Rivas and Jacob Woyton collects these principles of a good traveler and photographer: exploration, a playful mind, technical improvement, curiosity, stolen realities and a gradual personal and emotional enrichment.



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