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Life is too short for Perfection

In my understanding, there is no perfect and everyone trying to be such is kind of foolish. Life is just too short for perfection. Perfection is a concept. A concept of something being without a negative side and that just doesn’t exist on this earth. If you deny that you are being naive.

I think life is more about aiming to be better than yesterday. About challenging yourself.

Imagine a person, lets call him Paul, who wants to get better at photography. Paul plans to do some fashion shoots with a friend of him. He thinks a lot about the Photos he wants. Preparing the shooting for weeks, Paul soon has a clear conception of what the photos will have to look like. He imagines exactly the setting and the situation. He has everything in his mind: the weather, how the model has to pose, where the model has to stand. Then the big day. The shooting goes well. The photos look well exposed and the model does the right moves. But something is wrong with these perfect pictures. Well, Paul thinks it is the missing reflector but actually it is the perfection that makes the photo uninteresting, boring.

If you are on your way to make perfect pictures, you no longer are open for spontaneous ideas.

You think too much, you feel too less.

The good photos are created in the seconds when you feel the moment and your object.



The Artist. Paris 2015



Another problem that comes across when trying to be perfect is that you think so much that you forget to just do.  Just Do It is the credo and the key to success in life. That is forgotten just too easy. In photography that means, go out on the street and make photos. Ask more people to have a shooting. Do something.

I give you a quote at the end of this blogpost to think about. I unfortunately can not remember the person who said that.

“A perfectionist is a person who is just afraid of being criticized.”

Have a good one!

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