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Are you active or passive?

Did you once spend a moment thinking about what kind of lifestyle you have? Hopefully yes, but may be not. For me the word lifestyle describes the way you start into the day, the way you interact with other people, the way you live. Every person has to develop his own lifestyle. It is influenced…


why everything will be allright


I truly believe that everything will be good one day. I think that whatever you do will cause something fine. That is the reason why I do not stress myself after finishing school. I do not know what I will do when I am older. I am not sure what I want to study or…


Lena concert in Hannover


This month Luka Naujoks and I were in Hannover to make some photographs of Lena Meyer Landrut backstage and on stage. Here are some photos of the event.                                                      …


When does photography become art?


Generally photography is perceived as art. But there actually is a big difference between art and photography. Before talking more about art maybe I should write down my perception of what art is. First of all, art can be everything. A photo, a painting, a video or even an urinal. The second thing with art…


When am I creative

by jacob woyton

From my own experience I will write down some thoughts about when to take the time to do something creative. There are several factors which are important, at least to me.   Tattoo Parisienne. Paris 2017     In the morning   As I observed it, I am more creative in the morning hours. I…


Do what you’re afraid of


Often in life, our fears are what we must do. These are the things which get us further. To be the best version of yourself (oh I hate that expression), we have to push ourselfs to do the things we don’t want to do. Most of the time we have two or more options to…


Why helping others will help you

by Jacob Woyton

This blogpost is about a mindset that should be at least considered having. The theory is that if you start giving you will start receiving. In order to get further in life you are dependent on others. Not essentially always but often. But the thing is, life doesn’t work like „I need this and that…


Life is too short for Perfection


In my understanding, there is no perfect and everyone trying to be such is kind of foolish. Life is just too short for perfection. Perfection is a concept. A concept of something being without a negative side and that just doesn’t exist on this earth. If you deny that you are being naive. I think…


About Reliability And Punctuality


A friend of mine asked me recently: Do you consider yourself as reliable? I really had to have some thoughts about this question before I could give a proper answer. For me reliability and punctuality are two different things. Maybe I will have another opinion one day but that’s what I’m thinking right now. Reliability…